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Ukraine will be admitted to NATO CCDCOE

    Ukraine will be admitted to NATO’s Joint Center for Advanced Technologies for Cyber ​​Defense as a contributing member (NATO CCDCOE).

    This is stated in the statement of the NATO CCDCOE.

    “By unanimous vote, 27 sponsor countries in the CCDCOE Steering Committee agreed to Ukraine’s membership in the NATO CCDCOE as a contributing member,” the statement reads.

    “Ukraine’s presence at the Center will facilitate the exchange of cyber experience between Ukraine and CCDCOE member countries. Ukraine could bring valuable first-hand knowledge about several adversaries in the cyber sphere, which will be used for research, exercises and training,” emphasized Colonel Jaak Tarien, director of the NATO Joint Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence.

    CCDCOE is a NATO-accredited cyber knowledge center, a research institution, as well as an educational institution and training center.

    “Another important political and security victory! Ukraine becomes a contributing member of NATO’s Joint Advanced Technologies Center for Cyber ​​Defense,” said Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

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