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Creation of foundations for independent access and acquisition of cutting-edge knowledge, skills, and advanced technologies based on public initiative and public-private partnerships to support national and international institutions in researching cyberspace and implementing innovative information technologies.


  • The Institute is an institution of higher education; a separate research and project organization in the field of information technology
  • Research – conducting scientific, social, social and other research
  • Cyberspace (Cyberspace is an interactive information environment that functions with the help of computer systems) by institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, all-Ukrainian and international public associations in order to find international grants and projects for receiving NGO funding;

2.2. participation and holding of international conferences;

2.3. signing agreements with international bodies and institutions in the field of cyberspace;

Research Center (Member of the Board of the NGO):

3.1. development and implementation of advanced technologies and tools for research and use of cyberspace;

3.2. preparation of research, scientific and other projects for participation in international programs on behalf of civil society of Ukraine;

3.3. proposing, initiating and accepting participation in the performance of research and development works and scientific and technical support for the development of new systems and global standards in the field of cyberspace;

3.4. involvement of youth and students in conducting research and research in cyberspace;

Training Center (Member of the Board of the NGO)

4.1. conducting training of specialists in the field of cyber protection for the purpose of improving their qualifications within the scope of professional activity;

4.2. organization of postgraduate and doctoral studies for the training of scientists in cyberspace;

4.3. training of graduate students and doctoral students in relevant specialties;

Certification Center (Member of the Board of the NGO):

5.1. promoting the improvement of cyber protection standards;

5.2. initiation and development of the certification process for information security management systems;

5.3. conducting audits of information security management systems;

Editorial Board of the International Scientific Journal on Cyber Protection of Critical Infrastructure;

6.1. preparation of a professional scientific journal;

6.2. preparation of certification under Scopus (Web of Science);

6.3. reviewing publications and publishing the International Scientific Journal on Cyber Protection of Critical Infrastructure;

Specialized academic council:

7.1. organization of a specialized scientific council at a public organization;

7.2. PhD defense;

7.2. defense of doctoral theses.

Board members

name Position

  1. Chumachenko Sergey Mykolayovych – Head
  2. Faure Emil Deputy – Chairman
  3. Ryabiy Myroslav – Member of the board
  4. Dakov Serhiy – Member of the board
  5. Maslennikova Tetyana Andriivna – Member of the board
  6. Viktor Oleksandrovych Hnatyuk – Member of the Supervisory Board
  7. Novytska Olena – Member of the board


  1. NGO “International University of Cyber Security”

  1. NGO “Ukrainian Academy of Cyber Security”

  1. NGO “All-Ukrainian Association “Information Security and Information Technologies”

  1. NGO “Association of Cyber Security Specialists” of cyber security specialists-105470371722205/

  1. NGO “On Consumer Protection in Cyberspace”